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Your agreement is with ADROA SMC LTD,   and a contract is formed when you make a reservation with us that we accept. Enrollment in and payment for a guided trip shall constitute acceptance by the guest of the terms and conditions in this document. These cannot be varied except in writing by an officer of the Company. All contracts with ADROA SMC LTD are made subject to the terms of these booking conditions. We reserve the right to change these booking conditions at any time prior to you making a booking. The invalidity of any provisions herein shall not affect the validity of any other provisions. The agreement shall be construed as though the invalid provision was not contained herein and was replaced with an enforceable provision as similar as possible to the original provision. Should any conflict arise between these booking conditions and those contained within our brochures, these booking conditions shall prevail.

Please take time to read the terms and conditions of ADROA SMC LTD services. Confirming a safari with ADROA SMC LTD assumes that you have read, fully understand, and accept the terms and conditions described below.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact us.


1.1 With the cooperation of independent vendors, ADROA SMC LTD. offers transportation, hotel reservations, dining out, excursions, and other services.

1.2 To the best of ADROA SMC LTD’s knowledge and based on the most recent information available, all information included in client itineraries is provided. ADROA SMC LTD is not responsible for any altered information provided by third parties or for any glaring grammatical mistakes.

1.3 Your complete names as they appear on your passport, your nationality, and your passport number are required in order to book flights and gorilla permits. the Provider does not charge for name corrections, however where third party costs are incurred these will be passed on to the guest,

1.4 Any dietary requests, special meal requirements including allergies or any other special request, must be provided at the time of booking and are received on a request basis only. The Provider cannot assure that special meal requests will be fulfilled and does not assume responsibility or liability if requests are not fulfilled. Although we will endeavor to pass any reasonable requests on to the relevant supplier, this is not confirmation that the request will be met. All requests are subject to availability. It is also your responsibility to double check and reconfirm any requirements with all vacation suppliers.

1.5 Until confirmed, all packages are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Due to the restricted capacity of many lodges and hotels provided by ADROA SMC LTD, making reservations well in advance of your intended trip is crucial.

1.6 If you want to change anything about your reservation, ADROA SMC LTD will, if it is practical and possible, make the desired alteration and confirm it. The total invoice will be increased by any adjustment fees, which ADROA SMC LTD reserves the right to charge based on real expenses.

1.7 In the event of unforeseen events before the client’s arrival, ADROA SMC LTD reserves the right to alter and revise the tour schedule, transportation, lodging, and services specified in the itinerary. The client will be informed as soon as feasible of any modifications to the schedule.

1.8 The Provider reserves the right to cancel the reservation and impose cancelation charges if any payment is not received as detailed within the Table. The Provider will not be responsible for lost land and/or air reservations.


2.1 Except where otherwise noted, the prices quoted for the various safaris include all meals as specified, overnight accommodations in hotels, guesthouses, tents, or lodges, sightseeing as specified in the itinerary, park entrance fees, ranger fees, applicable airport transfers, ground transportation, English-speaking driver/guides, and bottled mineral water in the vehicle.

**Please note that hotel room sizes, standards, facilities and services provided may vary from country to country and region to region and are often local in style and may not have air-conditioning.

2.2 Any items and matters not referred to above, including, airfares to and from your destination, air-related taxes and fees (except where specified); additional fees charged by airlines such as checked and/or excess baggage, seat selections and any other services; passport and visa fees; insurances of all kinds; gratuities to Travel Directors, Local Specialists, Motorcoach Drivers and other; laundry; phone calls; minibar; beverages and meals not detailed in the itinerary; hospital/medical bills and all items of a personal nature. Additional taxes and surcharges may be collected by foreign governmental and non-governmental entities. This list is illustrative and not a complete list of every item not included.

2.2.1 Additional/optional experiences: are available on your trip and can be purchased for an extra charge during your trip. You can inquire with us so we can make arrangements.

2.2.2 Leaving the trip early: The price does not cover costs and expenses, including your return home, if you leave the trip whether of your own volition, our decision based on behavior that disrupts the trip, due to illness, action by any government or other reason.

2.3 Prices provided to clients or listed on the website are liable to change without prior notice and are not regarded as guaranteed until they are in writing.

2.4 Should there be a change in the currency rate or an increase in the price of any tour component, ADROA SMC LTD retains the right to modify pricing at any moment. However, the corporation will make every effort to keep such increases to a minimum.


2.5 A non-refundable deposit equal to 30% of operational costs plus the entire cost of the gorilla licenses ($700 per permit) and the chimpanzee permits ($200) is required to hold a reservation. This deposit even though is nonrefundable, it can be used as a future travel credit (FTC) by the traveler for a future trip they may want to do in case of cancellation or postponement. All FTC are valid for 12 months and cancellations shall occur a month prior to the trip.

2.6 Four weeks before to the trip, the client must pay the full fee to complete the booking. If you are unable to send the entire sum, you can send 80% and pay the remaining 20% in cash when you arrive unless agreed otherwise. Email us for other methods if the terms are inconvenient. 

2.7 Bookings made within 42 days before arrival must be paid in full at the time of confirmation.

2.8 ADROA SMC LTD has the right to revoke the reservation if the required payment is not made.

2.9 Payment can be made by VISA credit card, bank transfer or cash, before the start of the safari. Note that payments by VISA credit card attract a 5% service charge. Credit card transactions must be made at least two months prior to the start of your safari. Regretfully, traveller cheques are no longer accepted.

**Notes must be older than year 2009 to be accepted in Uganda and by ADROA SMC LTD. They must also be undamaged, No ink /writings and without creases, and preferably, they should be large bills between $50 and $100 as smaller note bills will be exchanged at a lower rate.

2.10 The costs of international transactions (or 5% service charge in case of credit card payments) are to be fully paid by the client.


Cancelation by Traveler

3.1 Travel arrangements for any member of the party may be canceled at any time by written notice by the person who made the booking. If notice of cancelation is received by the Provider before final payment is due (see Table), the deposit will be retained. If cancelation is made after final payment is due cancelation fees will apply (see Table). Notice of cancelation must be made in writing directly to the Provider or through your Travel Agent

– If a person in a party cancels and there is a room change caused by this cancelation (such as a double room to Single, or Triple to double room), charges for the new room type will be the responsibility of the remaining party.

– If a guest fails to join the trip on the day of departure, cancelation fees will be 100% (unless the guest notifies us of the delay and joins the trip later at their own expense).

3.2 Cancelation fees as per the Table apply to additional accommodation and/or chargeable transfers prior to and after the trip, itinerary extensions or cruise reserved through the Provider. Cancelation fees and charges will include any amounts that we have paid or have contractually committed to pay to third parties to deliver your travel arrangements which we cannot reasonably recover (for example payments made or due to hotels). Any payments we have made to third parties will only be refunded to you once we have deducted the above cancelation fees and charges and once, we have actually recovered the amounts from the third parties. All cancelation fees as per the Table are additional to any cancelation fees or other charges that may be levied by ADROA SMC LTD.

– If the reason for your cancelation is covered under your insurance, you may be able to reclaim these charges from your insurer. You are responsible to make the claim to your insurer.

3.3 The following cancellation charges apply to the basic program rate:

If you cancel the trip for any reason, the cancelation fee:

  • Between 60-30 days prior to arrival, 30% fee of the payment.
  • Between 29-14 days prior to arrival, 70% fee of the payment.
  • Between 13-7 days prior to arrival, 90% fee of the payment.
  • Within 1 week or less prior to arrival, the cancellation fee is 100%.

ADROA SMC LTD reserves the right to deduct all expenses incurred from money paid.

3.4 As an alternative to the above cancellation fees, in case of cancellation or postponement of the trip 1 month prior to the initiation, the deposits or full payments for operational costs {Accommodation & Meals, Transportation (Except internal Flights) & Activities}, Gorilla permits (700$) & Chimpanzee permits (200$), can be used as a future travel credit (FTC) for future trips by the same client. A surcharge of 50 USD will apply for this arrangement for transfer costs. All FTC are valid for 12 months.

3.5 Gorilla permits and chimpanzee permits are 100% non-refundable. However, we can facilitate the transfer to another potential traveler willing to purchase them. Upon agreement with the potential buyer, we will refund you 100% of the permit amount.

3.6 Air tickets within Uganda are 100% nonrefundable.

3.7 No refunds will be made for any unused services, late arrival or no-show of any of the members of the tour.

Cancelation by ADROA SMC LTD (The Provider)

3.6 ADROA SMC LTD reserves the right, to modify or cancel any trip, accommodation, in-destination activity or arrangement, (definite or not), at any time.

Cancelation due to Failure to Pay If full payment is not received by the due date (see Table), The Provider has the right to cancel your reservation and no refund will be made. The Provider will not be responsible for lost reservations.

– Cancelation due to Force Majeure Events; If the Provider cancels a trip as a result of a Force Majeure Event, a future travel credit (FTC) to the value of funds paid to date less any third-party costs incurred will be provided. All FTCs will be valid for 12 months from date of issue. Where a trip is terminated mid-trip due to a Force Majeure event, if we provide you with any alternative services or assistance (such as hotels or travel) then you agree to pay for these costs.

 – Cancelation due to Events other than Force Majeure Events If the cancelation by the Provider is not as a result of a Force Majeure Event, the Provider will provide an alternative comparable trip (if available), if an alternative is not available then a refund will be made.

3.7 The Provider is not liable for any cancelation or change cost or penalties incurred on other travel arrangements, including air travel, that may be affected thereby. The Provider is not responsible for other travel arrangements that you or your party have made outside the Provider and which are affected by our cancelations.

3.8 Early Return, Illness or Absence Early return expenses are the guest’s responsibility. There is no refund for absence or early departure from a trip, including but not limited to missed hotels, transfers, meals or sightseeing cruises or optional extensions. The Provider urges you to purchase travel insurance which covers such circumstances. The Provider makes no representation or guarantees concerning reimbursement, scope of coverage, or other aspects of any travel insurance policy or claim.


4.1 Since seeing animals in their natural habitat is a privilege, we cannot promise that you will see any wildlife or game. When observing the animals, you must use caution and closely adhere to any directions given by the tour guide or wildlife rangers.

4.2 Accommodation is based on a twin- or double-bedded room, tent or banda, with private bathroom where possible. Single rooms may be available with the payment of a supplement fee, but availability cannot always be guaranteed.

4.3 ADROA SMC LTD reserves the right to substitute equivalent or superior hotels. If a hotel of equivalent standard is not available ADROA SMC LTD may substitute the next best quality hotel or suggest superior standard accommodation (extra charges may apply).

4.4 The mode of transport used will be dependent on the number of clients and the route taken, based on the specifications of the chosen itinerary. Every effort is made to ensure that vehicles are provided in a roadworthy condition, but no liability can be accepted for a puncture, breakdown, damage, or any delay as a result of the poor road conditions or traffic.

4.5 A crucial component of your tour is having knowledgeable English-speaking driver/guides. They are the only individuals who are permitted to operate ADROA SMC LTD cars. All decisions, including the chosen route, must be made by the driver.

4.6 In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as road closures, inclement weather, issues with national parks or hotels, and security considerations, ADROA SMC LTD reserves the right to alter any route or arrangement, to cancel the operation of any scheduled tour, or to vary the safari services in any way. In these situations, if the situation allows, alternate arrangements will be made.

4.7 ADROA SMC LTD reserves the right to employ subcontractors to carry out all or part of the services agreed to be supplied.

4.8 If in the opinion of ADROA SMC LTD or in the opinion of any other person in authority, the person in question behaves in a way that is likely to cause or has already caused danger, hazard, or inconvenience to any third party, damage to property, or harm to environments and ecosystems, ADROA SMC LTD reserves the right to refuse anyone from participating in or continuing any tour. ADROA SMC LTD is not responsible for any costs incurred as a result of the termination, and no refunds will be given.


5.1 ADROA SMC LTD shall try to ensure that the company exceeds the expectations in every area of the tour arrangements. However, suggestions are very much appreciated in order to keep improving the quality of the service.

5.2 If you have a problem during your vacation, please inform our Travel Directors/Local Representative/supplier of service immediately, who will try to make things right. Such assistance may include providing information on health services, local authorities and consular assistance as well as arranging communication and/or making alternative travel arrangements. We may charge a fee for these services where you have caused the problem intentionally or by your own negligence. If the matter was not resolved locally, please write to the Guest Relations Department at the address provided in your travel documentation within sixty (30) days of the end of your vacation with us, as it is important that you provide us the information quickly. Please quote your booking reference number and all relevant information. Failure to follow this procedure may delay or deny us the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem, which may affect the way your complaint is dealt with and your rights under this contract. Accordingly, any claim not received in writing within this time is waived and barred.       

**Please note that comfort/ Standard levels in different countries may differ from other countries.

5.3 Liability for any complaints not notified in accordance with the above-described procedure cannot be accepted.


6.1 ADROA SMC LTD will make every effort to ensure that all arrangements and services offered as part of the safari are carried out as specified in the most efficient way possible. However, the company does not have direct control of the provision of services by suppliers and, whilst every supplier is chosen with the utmost care, ADROA SMC LTD does not accept liability for errors or omissions of such suppliers.

6.2 ADROA SMC LTD shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature whatsoever whether to person or property.

6.3 Whilst every care is taken, ADROA SMC LTD cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect costs of loss or damage to baggage or personal possessions.

6.4 ADROA SMC LTD cannot accept liability or pay compensation for unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the company or its staff, including flight delays/cancellations or force majeure such as war or threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist acts, border closure, acts of government or other authorities, strikes, thefts, epidemics, road closures, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, extreme weather conditions, fire, technical and/or mechanical problems to transport and all similar events beyond the company’s control.

6.5 It is the responsibility of the travel agency/wholesaler to ensure that all members of the tour have the appropriate passports, visas, travel permits, health certificates and other documentation required for the safari.

6.6 It is the responsibility of the clients to take proper medical and practical precautions in regard to health and safety. Medical advice should be sought well before travelling.

6.7 Clients are strongly advised to obtain comprehensive travel insurance before coming to Uganda in the unlikely event of a medical emergency while on safari with ADROA SMC LTD.

6.8 The respective laws of the country govern ADROA SMC LTD liability to passengers carried in its own vehicles. All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country in which the cause of action arises.


 Trip Prices: All prices are per person in US Dollars unless specified. Prices are based on costs, charges, tariffs, rates, prices, taxes, levies, exchange rates and other considerations. All are subject to change. For up-to-date pricing contact your Travel Agent or check on our website. No surcharges regarding cost or currency fluctuations will be made to the land only price once the final balance is received. No refund will be made on account of reduction of any of the above. If the total trip price increases by more than 10%, guests will have the option to cancel the trip within 7 days of notification of the surcharge without penalty.

Services; We commence providing services to you as soon as we accept your booking and a deposit is paid. This includes work undertaken prior to travel to arrange and coordinate the delivery of your travel arrangements.

Booking with a Travel Agent; If you book your vacation through a travel agent then you acknowledge and agree that for your booking to be confirmed and maintained, we must have received all payments from you, or your travel agent as detailed in the Table. You also agree that your travel agent is independent of the Provider and our control; and that unless expressly authorized by us in writing, we are not bound by or liable for anything affecting us that the agent may or may not do.

Age Restrictions: Young traveler s under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, who will be responsible for their welfare and supervision. Alcoholic beverages will not be served to guests under the legal age for alcohol consumption in the country being visited. Minors under age 18 traveling to certain foreign countries must be accompanied by both parents or have a notarized letter of consent signed by the parent(s) not traveling. ADROA SMC LTD is not responsible for any losses if you fail to have appropriate documentation. If the other parent is deceased or the child has only one legal parent, a notarized statement must be obtained as proof. Countries have different age limits for the consumption of alcohol and other activities. You must ensure you satisfy the age limits before participating in any activity with age limits (such as the consumption of alcohol) and you release us from all liability and claims arising from your inability to participate in such activities.

Health, reduced mobility, medical conditions/disabilities and assistance when travelling; ADROA welcomes guests with special needs or disabilities. Please note the following: • Guests must advise US, at time of booking, of any physical, medical or other special needs that require accommodating. ADROA SMC LTD will make reasonable modifications to its policies, practices and procedures, when necessary, unless doing so will fundamentally alter the nature of the services provided. • Guests must ensure they are medically and physically able to travel.

  • ADROA SMC LTD may impose safety requirements. ADROA SMC LTD may exclude an individual from participating in a guided holiday or an activity if the individual’s participation poses a threat to the health or safety of others. This decision, made solely by ADROA SMC LTD , to exclude an individual will be based on an individualized assessment based on reasonable judgment that relies on current medical evidence or on the best available objective evidence to determine the nature, duration and severity of the risk, the probability that potential injury will occur and whether reasonable modifications of policies, practices or procedures will mitigate the risk. No refunds will be given if the decision is made to exclude a guest.
  • ADROA SMC LTD does not provide personal devices (such as wheelchairs, hearing aids or prescription eye glasses) or services of a personal nature (such as eating, toileting or dressing). A traveler who requires services of a personal nature (eating, toileting or dressing, as examples) should strongly consider bringing a companion to provide such assistance and must understand that other travelers, Travel Directors and ADROA SMC LTD Staff will not be available for such purposes. • Regrettably, motorized scooters are not allowed on guided vacations. • ADROA SMC LTD does not employ medical personnel. Any necessary medical attention must be sought at a local facility, if available, at the guest’s expense. ADROA SMC LTD is not responsible or liable for losses or costs incurred due to unavailability of medical services, or medical services obtained while on holiday, or for the quality of the care or services received. Medical care in other countries is not always comparable to care that you may receive in your local area. You are encouraged to purchase medical insurance that will cover you while on vacation. Your regular health insurance benefits may not apply abroad.
  • In purchasing your vacation, you attest that you are physically fit for it. If you have concerns, please request additional details about your journey from your Travel Agent or ADROA SMC LTD. • Some guided vacations include rough terrain, extensive walking over cobblestone streets, uneven pavement, steps and/or locations which may not be easily accessible by wheelchair. During the guided vacation, ADROA SMC LTD may make arrangements with carriers, hotels and other independent suppliers to provide travel services. These parties are independent entities which ADROA SMC LTD does not control. ADROA SMC LTD cannot guarantee disability access or accommodations for guests traveling on international guided holidays. ADROA SMC LTD may, in its sole discretion, decline booking any guest or remove any guest who cannot comply or refuses to comply with ADROA SMC LTD terms and conditions. If this occurs, you are responsible for the cost of travel back to your hometown and ADROA SMC LTD shall not be liable for your losses and no refund shall be provided. Travel times on our trips vary from day to day depending on the destination. For your comfort we make regular stops and try to keep each section no longer than 3 hours. However, depending on your medical history, some people may be at risk of discomfort or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) if they remain immobile for a long period on a journey. If you have had DVT, pulmonary embolism, a family history of clotting conditions, cancer, or treatment for cancer, stroke, heart or lung disease, or if you have had major surgery in the past three months, we recommend you consult your doctor before traveling.


Behavior: The Provider is here to provide the best services possible but in doing so we will not tolerate abusive or aggressive behavior from our guests. We will refuse to deal with and may terminate the vacation of guests who assault our staff, suppliers or fellow guests or who are abusive or aggressive to them and are generally affecting the enjoyment of others with their behavior and you may be barred from future trips with the Provider .This may include (but is not limited to): (a) verbally abusive or offensive language towards anyone; (b) bullying behavior; (c) inappropriate or abusive behavior including uninvited physical contact, harassment, violence or threat of violence; (d) excessive consumption of alcohol or intoxication; (e) the possession, carriage or use of restricted substances or drugs (except for medical purposes approved by your doctor); (f) failure to comply with the Provider’s (including a representative’s) reasonable direction; (g) conduct which, in the Provider’s opinion, is not compatible with other guests’ general enjoyment and well-being or the smooth operation of the trip; (h) the possession, carriage or use of dangerous items (such as weapons); (i) breaking the law of the Country in which you are traveling; and (j) any behavior or conduct which brings the Provider into disrepute or damages its goodwill. When you make a booking, you accept responsibility for the proper conduct of all members of your party during your travels with the Provider. We reserve the right at any time and at our discretion to terminate the travel arrangements and/or cease to deal with any party member(s) whose behavior, in the reasonable opinion of us or our suppliers, may cause danger, upset, disruption or distress to anyone else or damage to property. Full cancelation charges will apply and no refund will be made. We shall have no obligation to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses (including but not limited to alternative accommodation and return transportation arrangements) guest may incur as a result of the travel arrangements being terminated. You must immediately report any pre-existing damage in your room to accommodation staff and/or a Travel Directors. If you damage the accommodation in which you are staying or any property, you must reimburse the accommodation provider or property owner concerned for the cost of the damage before the end of your stay if the cost has been established by then or as soon as it has been established if later. You must indemnify us for the full amount of any claim (also including legal costs) made against us. Criminal proceedings may be instigated. The Provider is not responsible for any costs incurred concerning a guest removed from a trip or aircraft, ship or train. Guests agree not to hold the Provider or any of its related entities liable for any actions taken under these terms and conditions.

Thank you for taking time to read these Terms & Conditions!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US! We prioritize your satisfaction, comfort, and safety.

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